ISSUE 04 is jam-packed with Features and Interviews. And it happens to be our inaugural print issue as well. Here’s a preview of the content. Be sure to grab your limited edition copy (out of 350, hand-numbered) afterwards. Special thanks to our Guest Curator, Neil Bardon of Saint Rita Parlor, for all the late-afternoon brainstormin-slash-editing sessions and endless advice on Design, Commerce, Trade, and everything in-between.


RADAR SECTION – Featuring introductory articles on Grammy award-winning Sound Engineer, Brent Kiser; Chicago-based rapper, Phero; Tech guru, Iggy Igner of Squiiid.com. We met with Kiser at his former sound studio in Hollywood and were escorted by Kiser himself to the historic building’s rooftop. With a box of beer in hand, we climbed the ladder to the highest platform possible and photographed Kiser against the legendary ‘Hollywood’ sign in the background (in his Boston Celtics jersey, of course). Check out Unbridled Sound to see what post-Sound projects Kiser is working on. / For our interview with Phero, we met with Bardon at a taco joint in Culver City. Armed with one camera and a hungry appetite, we opted to do an impromptu shoot in the back alley of the building while waiting for our burritos. / Our initial meeting with Igner was nothing short of spectacular: If there’s anything about the Internet and Technology that needs knowing, Igner’s got it down-pat. His e-commerce photo-sharing platform known as Squiiid is up and running; its congratulatory launch was also paired at the release party for ISSUE 04 in early September.



10 Questions – Krystal Bee. This on-air radio personality for Power 106-FM is a sweetheart in-person. We photographed and interviewed Krystal Bee in Downtown Culver City in front of the Kirk Douglas Theatre. When she’s not waking up at close to 4am on the weekdays, Krystal Bee is out attending events, staying fit and training for marathons, and bouncing all over Los Angeles day in and day out. (Follow her Instagram to see just how jam-packed her days are. Anyone who can stay peppy and energetic with less than four hours of sleep on a daily basis is a hero in our book.)



FASHION – Editorial titled “Star Spangled London” by UK-based photographer, Lloyd Pursall. This 10-page editorial is worth framing in its entirety. Pursall’s work is only getting brighter and brighter, focusing on not only documenting genetically-lucky individuals but life and the energy that comprises Youth as we know it.



FASHION – Editorial titled “Ashlay & Ann-Marie” photographed in collaboration with wardrobe items from Tried & True Co. in the Fairfax District. This visual collaboration paired two very creative and outspoken females; a follow-up from ISSUE 03: Technology – with Stacey Hash. Both Ashlay Ca$hlay and Ann-Marie Hoang are creative visionaries working in the trenches of today’s L.A. scene. 



We asked each lady to bring her favorite pieces from their individual wardrobe – in Ann-Marie’s case, her trunk of clothing separated in various locations of her car – and asked them to utilize the entire racks of vintage throwback pieces from Tried & True Co. to use during their shoot.



COMMERCE & TRADE – Spotlight on family-run Taco Alkaseltzer in Downtown Los Angeles. Photographer Eugene McCarty captured a typical evening for the husband-and-wife team that run the famed taco stand, Taco Alkaseltzer. Having indulged in at least five tacos of his own savoring, McCarty then let their regular patrons serve as his subjects. From homemade salsa to succulent meats, it’s no wonder why there aren’t many words exchanged after ordering.



COMMERCE & TRADE – Be sure to check out the exclusive hand-tailored eyewear collection by our Guest Curator, Neil Bardon: Saint Rita Parlor, Based in Downtown Los Angeles. Bardon’s message of hand-crafted unique eyewear is spread across all platforms of his aesthetic eye for Design. He has served as the Creative Director for countless campaigns. Saint Rita Parlor is Bardon’s first solo venture. As a supporter of local businesses, Bardon has released his eyewear collection at only two locations so far, including Hammer and Spear in the Arts District of L.A.



COMMERCE & TRADE – EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: “A Drive with Estevan Oriol” photographed by Diane Abapo and interviewed by Natasha Enriquez & Neil Bardon. When Estevan Oriol asks you if you want to go for a ride in his classic 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline, you say yes. When he asks if you want him to take a picture of you against the Los Angeles skyline during sunset, you say yes. The SUSPEND team had a chance to hang out with the prolific photographer, director, and all-around badass. The conversation not only ended in his S.A. Studios office: Even throughout the post-production of making ISSUE 04, we were fixated at the constant updates and cover stories Oriol was shooting across the globe. While we were just getting out of work, Oriol was busy photographing artist David Choe for Juxtapoz in Afghanistan. If there’s one thing we learned about Oriol throughout our sit-down interview with him, it’s that he won’t ever bullshit you. He told us the truth about his journey from being a bouncer at clubs to learning the ropes when it came to selling his back-stage prints to magazines and publications that wanted candid photos of Cypress Hill and House of Pain when he used to be their tour manager. Regardless of what story he tells you, you quickly realize that there is no quick way to the top. It takes years, and a lot of learned experiences to gain the knowledge and smarts to stay in this business.



Preview of featured photographs from our Los Angeles drive with Estevan Oriol around sunset. All photos by Diane Abapo.



COVER ARTIST – Cole Sternberg as interviewed by Sally Baxter titled, “Conversations About Art, Money and Hanging Chads.” Resident UK-Art Director Sally Baxter took the reigns on her one-on-one interview with Sternberg, whose work graces the front and back cover of ISSUE 04. The two artists talk Art and Currency, two heavily-used themes in this issue. What makes Art valuable and why? Cozy yourself to this interview and see if you agree or disagree with what the two shelled out over drinks.



Preview of the photographs from our feature with Cole Sternberg, all taken at the artist’s loft studio in the Arts District.



ART – “Got Currency: Eight Artists’ Take on Currency.” Curated by Sally Baxter. Featuring original pieces of artwork by artists including Listen04, Nike Schroeder, and others.



ART – “New Image Art and Meeting God,” Interview with Marsea Goldberg by Sally Baxter. Veteran art gallery owner Marsea Goldberg has a few good stories to tell, and by a few we mean a multitude of rare history. If you were lucky enough to have attended Goldberg’s early art openings at New Image Art located on Santa Monica Blvd., then you must have been there when she first started selling small pieces by Sheperd Fairey or when she first debuted an art exhibit for Retna. Goldberg’s eclectic personality only explains why she has been a facet of the Art world for several decades. She’s compelling to say the least, and has an explicable eye when it comes to discovering new talent.