Polaroids by Stacy Kim at the ISSUE 04 release party, Los Angeles, Calif.

Polaroids by Stacy Kim at the ISSUE 04 release party, Los Angeles, Calif.


- From ISSUE 01 "Love": Peter and Kerry (Musicians/UK), Nora Ann-Francis Martin (Visual artist), Jeff Dojillo's "Girls on Film" (Featured Photographer), Maria "La Rosa" (West Hollywood icon).

- From ISSUE 02 "Identity": Alexander Spit (Rapper/Producer), Spaghetto (Italian filmmaker), Nathanael Turner's "Blue Dream" (Photographer), Neil Porras of House of Ink (Tattoo artist), Grundy Lomax (Writer, "Chatoyant"), Crystal Robles & Ricky Li (Shop Owners of Tried & True Co.), Tried & True Co. collaborative lookbook editorial, Maritza Torres (Visual artist).

- From ISSUE 03 "Technology": Stacey Hash (Model/Personality), Nasty Neil (Owner/Artist of Wasted Talent), Norris and Thrash (Fashion Personality Duo), Mike Will Made It (Music Producer), Wolf & Man, Chloe Riley, Rica Wade (Model), Jeff Dojillo's "Thailand" series (Featured Photographer), Sally Baxter (Mixed Media Artist), Garth Trinidad (KCRW DJ), DJ Icy Ice (Beat Junkies, Power 106 DJ), Jeff Dojillo and Arthur Booker's "Social Rester" (Editorial), Dead Tech Art (Artist, Technology malfunctions), Aengus Cawley's "Technology" e-mail (Writer), Nathan Truong (Writer), Kevin Kwong (Commissioned work for Nathan Truong's piece, Illustrator/Artist), Jorge Peniche (Featured Photographer), Aengus Cawley's "Double Exposures" film series (Photographer), Rebecca Peloquin (Visual Artist/Illustrator).

- From ISSUE 04 "Commerce+Trade": Cole Sternberg (Mixed Media Artist), Estevan Oriol (Featured Photographer), Johnny Reyes (Comedic actor/Youtube personality), Phillipa Price and Smiley Stevens (Owners of Guns, Germs, $teal menswear label), Anne-Marie Hoang (Stylist/Owner of MSTROFDISGUISE), Ashlay Cashlay (Videographer/Photographer), Stephen Kenn (Furniture designer), Selina Becker and Seth Meisterman (Owners of Silver Fox Salvage LA), Marsea Goldberg (Art Gallery owner of New Image Art), Guest curator Neil Bardon (Owner of luxury eyewear brand, Saint Rita Parlor). 

- From ISSUE 05 "Strong Women": Hayley Kiyoko (Singer-Songwriter/Actress), Courtney Ogilvie (Manufacturing warehouse owner and founder of C/CHRST, womenswear brand), Janae Roubleau (Owner of ROUBLEAU, children's clothing), Racella (Singer-Songwriter), Amir Says Nothing (Hip Hop recording artist), Black Collar (Hip Hop group), CharliZero (Singer/Poet), Brooke Jean (Poet), Blaison Maven (Rapper), DJ Seano, Jimetta Rose (Singer/Poet/Writer), Diego Villarreal (Editorial Photographer), Lefty (Chicago street artist), Leslie Corpuz (Blogger, The NBTWN), Bo Vu (Owner of Green Eggs and Yams, Cut and Sew artist), Lucia Roman (Creative Shoe Designer), Amanda Lopez (Featured Photographer), Sara Swaty (Featured Photographer). 

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It can be an argued fact that the intersection of Art and Culture is Entertainment. Whether it’s a filmmaker taking you into an intimate lovers’ spat on-screen or a relaxed beat brought on by the release of a snare drum, art mediums of any kind prove to be a refuge for thought. To create – is to, unknowingly – arrest one’s mind. SUSPEND Magazine is an ongoing conversation between creative thinkers and endless believers. Founded in August 2011 by Brooklyn-born Diane Abapo, SUSPEND magazine hopes to continue the existing dialogue of creativity and bring together individuals we have had the pleasure of meeting and those who inspire us to keep picking up that paintbrush – or Wacom pen tablet – and continue on the path of self-expression. 

SUSPEND magazine is a bi-annual print publication with a dual online platform (suspendmag.com) that publishes only original content commissioned by our staff and correspondents in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Mexico City. Driven by original thought and a desire to support and build with local emerging talent, each issue of SUSPEND showcases the unique endeavors of those in the realm of Art, Lifestyle, Fashion Editorial, Photography, Music, and Film. If you are interested in collaborating with the SUSPEND community, please send an e-mail along with a link or PDF samples of work to info@suspendmag.com.

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