The Itemized SUSPEND Essentials List – with the Gentleman Alphonse

the Gentleman Alphonse

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 Photo: Jonathan Tate,

Photo: Jonathan Tate,

1. scarf

-the scarf is typically the first accessory that is ushered in to greet the crispening of the air as the summer fades to fall. I am a great fan of the versatility of scarves, and enjoy experimenting with larger scarves and various wrap configurations. for me, that is half the fun.

[featured: cotton oxblood scarf with unfinished hems, zara]

  Photo: Jonathan Tate,

Photo: Jonathan Tate,

2. gloves

-my penchant for leather driving gloves is well known to those that know me, but it is the simple, woven, fingerless cotton glove that means autumn has arrived for me. a basic accent that adds edge and grounds any look, their inexpensive nature belies their fantastic possibilities. [featured: cotton fingerless gloves, marc by marc jacobs; brown leather driving gloves, h&m then well, well worn]

  Photo: Jonathan Tate,

Photo: Jonathan Tate,

3. vintage military surplus

-military inspiration and utilitarian design is one of the most widely emulated design cues in all of fashion. so why not go directly to the source & give it new purpose? given the nature and heft of the materials used, vintage military & surplus garments are well engineered for heavy use, but better suited for cooler weather. if you have a vision for your personal style, there is no end to the combinations and inspirations these finds can yield. [featured: ribbed spun-wool russian military long tee, vintage leather us marshall shoulder holster; both vintage finds, personal collection]

4. well-fitting white button up shirt

-vintage or modern, a great fitting white shirt is always an appropriate layering piece. have some good quality vintage or off-the-rack shirts? save money on new shirts by taking those to be tailored to fit you perfectly.

[featured: thrifted plain white button up shirt, rough scissor-cut off collar]

  Photo: Jonathan Tate,

Photo: Jonathan Tate,

5. waistcoat

-a great layering item, the waistcoat is great for adding another level of insulation to any formal look. it also looks damn good in any contrasting design to an overall ensemble. suiting to tweed, don't be afraid to play around with possibilities. [featured: grey suiting waistcoat, h&m]

6. blazer

-classic black or seasonal tweed, the blazer is a staple of every man's wardrobe. dressed up or dressed down, this formidably versatile go-to is the answer for almost anything. as the weather cools, the weight of the fabrics can increase, but a solid medium-weight worsted wool will do right by you three-quarters of the calendar, beginning with the fall. [featured: black slim-fit blazer, zara]

7. peacoat

-this coat is another indication of autumn for me. being from the midwest, this coat was coveted as a late-fall staple especially. the leather version featured is a modern take on the classic wool construction. [featured: leather double breasted peacoat, zara ginza collection]

8. joggers

-twill, khaki, cotton, or ripstop, joggers have enjoyed a resurgence since the style crossed the pond. a fall essential, upgraded a touch by my own design in a suiting take. [featured: vintage suit pants, tailored & customized per personal proprietary design]

9. wool pant

-available in a variety of weights, styles and finished, a wool pant is a great alternative to a heavy-coated ensemble. these vintage woolrich buffalo check editions were a must-have.

[featured: vintage woolrich buffalo check wool pant (vintage find (curated by the vanishing gallerie.)]

10. sneakers

-a lifelong sneakerphile, this is a signature for me. as my tastes have evolved and streamlined, the classic chuck taylor & jack purcell silhouettes have remained a timeless & ever-appropriate accent. as such, I curate as discerning a personal collection of rare & exclusive collaborations as I can track down. it's a focused passion.

[featured: 'monsieur A' x purple magazine chuck taylor (purple bottom); maison martin margiela x converse chuck taylor (red)]

  Photo: Jonathan Tate,

Photo: Jonathan Tate,

11. briefcase

-an attaché has always meant business for me, and as a fan of the mod look, it was all a part of the ensemble. now that I am my own business, I can afford a bit of personality with the classics, while keeping a strong impression. [featured: muted camo leather briefcase, PRSVR. ( [2])]

  Photo: Jonathan Tate,

Photo: Jonathan Tate,

12. backpack

-always a go-to essential, autumn ushers in a scholastic feel and a need for utility. also, there is a freeing essence to something that securely fits across your back, anchored by shoulders, leaving your hands & mind free to tend to everything else. the older you get however, the less you want to look like freshman orientation. this leather flatpack answers the call in a refined, dignified manner, without sacrificing function.

[featured: leather flatpack, repurposed from vintage military map bag (curated by the vanishing gallerie.)]

  Photo: Jonathan Tate,

Photo: Jonathan Tate,

13. travel duffle

-I travel with relative frequency, and the last thing I want to worry about is if my bags got lost (let alone waiting in baggage claim-purgatory). so a good, well-weathered leather duffle is an ideal accompaniment for your flight essentials. paired with briefcase or flatpack, making the carry on regulation without sacrificing the essentials is a breeze. [featured: vintage world map bag, vintage find, personal collection]

14. motorcycle jacket

-fall means leather jackets. period. and nothing says it with unique grit and style as the motorcycle jacket. a staple in any designers autumn arsenal, this essential item can be attributed back to the schott perfecto, and has been a designer's grail ever since. as for styling, it is the perfect versatile layering piece, and one of my favourites. while I used to favour high collars, the round open collar has taken over my tastes in recent years. whatever your preference, it is very hard to go wrong with this piece.

[featured: leather moto jacket, zara, cut & modified for personal use]

  Photo: Jonathan Tate,

Photo: Jonathan Tate,

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