SUSPEND Goes To Round Two on Melrose


Instagram is a funny thing. You stumble upon a storefront account with merchandise you want to buy and next thing, you set your alarm for thirty minutes before the store opens the next day so you can be first in line to pick up that one-of-a-kind item. That sort of happened to me, but minus the waking up part. I’ve been following the Round Two Hollywood buy-sell-trade Instagram account for a couple weeks now, given that the shop – owned by Virginia natives, Sean Wotherspoon and Chris Russow – opened just a little less than a month ago on Melrose Blvd. 

Whoever maintains the Instagram account is doing a really frickin’ good job at causing merchandise FOMO because I’ll be up late and see a string of photos on my feed of Supreme t-shirts, Polo Ralph Lauren long sleeves, and sneakers (that thankfully aren’t my size) right before I tuck into bed. 

I finally had an excuse to stop by the new boutique today with my cousin visiting from Chicago and her boyfriend accompanying me. We each, not to our surprise, left with several pick-ups; I bought two vintage Supreme t-shirts and a Supreme espresso cup. Camille left with a vintage Chicago Bulls basketball jersey and Looney Tunes t-shirt while Eric left with a vintage baseball cap and a couple t-shirts as well. 

Round Two Hollywood is the second location for the Round Two boys, with their original location still in full operation in Richmond. The shop is conveniently located on Melrose Avenue, just a few blocks away from Fairfax. What makes Round Two instantly lovable (aside from its always rotating inventory of Supreme, BAPE, Bathing Ape, basketball jerseys, vintage Nike apparel, sneakers and snapbacks) is the staff. We were greeted by several of the store associates, including Tony and Justin – who asked us how we heard about the shop and proceeded to show us around the racks. What first catches your eye is the throwback Michael Jordan Space Jam memorabilia and action figures aligning the floor once you walk in, just under a rack of New Balance, Nike, and Asics footwear, followed by the library-ladder used to maneuver and scour the various footwear for sale in the centerpiece of the shop arranged by size.

There’s a little bit of something for everybody, and if there’s something you may have missed or didn’t see enough of – you can always pop back at the shop for, Round Two (too easy). 

Editor’s Note: As of today, we dropped off a fresh stack of ISSUE 05 copies with the Round Two guys. Pick one up while they last and grab a few of the super fresh Round Two branded stickers at the front cashier as well. (Those won’t last long and are extra free!)

Round Two Hollywood is located at 7320 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles

Text and Photography by Diane Abapo

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.