STYLE IN THE LIFE OF PRESENTS: Jenny, Crooks & Castles on Fairfax


Jennifer (or as she prefers, Jenny) is one of a few chill females I've met as of lately in the "new" Fairfax era. Meeting through mutual friends and later discovering she works for Crooks & Castles, we clicked like old friends united over typical girl shit.  As usual, I liked many of her 'fits and day-after-day, I got to see her cultivate who she is through her clothing choices. 

Although her sweet and sassy demeanor will lure you in, Jenny hails from South Central with a proud attitude to match. So who is this beautiful, young lady? Style In The Life Of Presents: Jenny.


Hi Jenny. How are you today? “Man, I'm blessed to see another day honestly.”

So tell us a little bit about you. “Check this out. My name is Jennifer, but my entire life “Jenny” has been what I've been called. The only time I get called "Jennifer" is when I'm in trouble! Haha. I am 22 years old, grew up in South Central Los Angeles (Crenshaw, Jefferson down to Fig and Slauson what up doeee! Haha.) 

I am a free-spirited person. I love God but don’t believe in religion. I believe we all have a purpose in life and that's real talk. I am currently working on my very own streetwear brand called Blame Society. I want to send a message in every piece I put out. It's meant to stand for nothing less than what's REAL; meaning dealing with both of our society's positive and negative aspects. I was in the ninth grade when I started drawing my own designs on paper. 

Once I started working at American Apparel HQ at 19 I decided to take my craft further. I started doing samples of my designs and wearing them in order to get feedback. This year, I decide to actually pursue my goal in building the brand by actually naming it and am trying to have a pop-up shop by the end of the year. Things are still in the process, but with God's help I will hopefully have it up and running soon.

When you get ready in the morning or a night out, what's a usual process for picking a 'fit? “It depends where I'm going and how I'm feeling. If I feel like I'm trying to really do something epic, I’ll do it. But if my energy is on the more chill side, I'm chilling.”

Do you listen to music when you get dressed? “I definitely listen to music while I'm getting ready day or night! It's always so random though. I'll be listening to Cassidy's rap battles while getting ready for a girls’ night out. (Most girls probably listen to Drake while getting ready for a night out but I'm just that girl out of the group.) I can put on some 90’s R&B as well when I’m feeling sexy and my outfit would come out a little bit more revealing, per say. Honestly, the type of music I listen to will have somewhat of a say on my outfit.”

As a young lady of integrity and sex appeal like no other, you carry yourself beyond amazing. Do your 'fits challenge societal rules now and then? (If you believe in them at all.) “Thank you for that compliment! I don't believe that I have to dress cautiously. I should never have to be categorized by the way I dress. I don't believe in societal rules. I've always been the type to break rules and not because I'm a rebel but I've always believed that rules have been put for those who have trouble being confident, aware of what they can and cannot do. I can dress however I please. I'm fully aware of my own decisions and myself.”

What advice would you give a younger you style-wise? “Don’t change anything that makes you unique, stay true and always be you.”

What is your dream brand that you could wear forever? “A dream brand I could wear forever ... man this is hard. I wouldn't say I have a dream brand. But I would say Champions especially the older pieces it’s definitely a very classic brand I really enjoy wearing.  If I could wear it everyday I would! It’s very easy going nothing too much. You can style it very easily with other brands.”

Three words that describe Jenny. “Creative, Positive, Hood.”

You rock my world, Jenny. Thank you for letting us bug you. “A special thanks and shout out to the following: Mita (HousePhoneShawty) and John you’re the best. To my father and mother aka Rumbaaa (hahaha) thank you for always influencing me to become the best person I can be. My siblings (Cece & Josh) thank you for always being supportive. Sean “you the one”, Ceason “you betta”, Maya Biiiihhhh where the Glow! Jordan, we gone make it !!! Can’t forget Free Torrey aka IceBerg Man. Last but not least, thank you Suspend Magazine for the opportunity to introduce myself.”•



Glasses: Let me school you guys on some dope vintage glasses. I used to work for American Apparel's creative department. I started off as an assistant for the eyewear buyer. We would go to these old dead stock factories (oh my God, it was always so dusty in there). Anyway, we would have to always go through a bunch of old stock frames. Really dope marble plastic shit! That type of stuff you just don't come across anymore. I would handpick them for all the stores. It was hard work, but so much fun. I found these pair of glasses with no lens in a dusty box and the owner would always look out for yo’ girl and hook it up. 

Watch: Vintage Casio: American Apparel you blessed me! I helped handpick vintage Casio watches as well. I was actually pretty high when I came across this particular piece. I freaked out when I saw it. I'm such a 90's lover that when I saw the gold calculator I had to cop mandoo these! I’m just obsessed.

Shorts: I won in life with these Crooks & Castles shorts that everyone slept on SMH. When our summer 2015 line dropped I saw these shorts & fell in love. They are holy man. 

Pocket T-shirt: I love being comfortable more than anything. This fresh and simple Crooks Pocket T-shirt is a must! I should have copped every color man. I slept on this piece but at least I was able to get one. 




Hat: Royal Vintage Green Rim L.A. hat. My Pride and Honor every time I wear this. Man, it really represent my lifestyle. 

T-Shirt: Crooks & Castles Monopoly collaboration. Crooks did that! My favorite T-shirt I own. I love wearing it with my L.A. hat because it just fits so perfectly. It’s a lifestyle for me, so I try and really show you guys by what I wear a little bit about myself.

Jeans: Levis high-waist denim jeans. I found this baby in a vintage store in Portland. Levis is such a classic look. I love them.  It’s like the older they get, the flyer.    




Pants: New York, I knew you would look out for me when I pulled up. I found these camo print pants last year at a thrift store in Brooklyn. 

Shoes: Timberlands YOOOO!!! I was looking for these for a minute. I could not for the life of me find my size until I was at Agenda in Vegas back in 2013 and let me tell you guys that I was at Buffalo Exchange and found them there, brand new for the dumb low so you already know what time it was. 

Paper: The flight. It’s Cali. So no discussion needs to be made. My friend Mita got the rolls, man, for the papers. She definitely looked out for your girl. Oweee

Dog: Meet Young P. He is fly AF. (I love dogs by the way.)


Interview by Carmelita Mae for SUSPEND Magazine

Photography by Jonathan Tate

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Carmelita Mae Carmelita is a Contributing Style Editor at SUSPEND Magazine.