Rick Owens Flagship Store Opens on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles


Designer Rick Owens, originally from California, quietly opened his new 450 square-foot Los Angeles flagship store located on La Brea a little over one week ago – complete with high ceilings and an empty courtyard with white walls adjacent to it, a sort of reflection spot for shoppers with a bench to match. According to Wallpaper.com, the layout of Owen’s new space is an homage to filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille. The open courtyard and its blank canvas walls are meant to resemble a movie screen with ceramic pieces and furniture fixtures laden throughout the store (most noticeably thus far, being the fitting room chairs made to resemble Owens himself lying on the floor with his legs hunched up). 

SUSPEND Creative Director Arthur Booker was the first from the team to visit the new flagship store, where he said hello to friend and store associate, Tony, as well as fellow sales associate, Brittney. 

Photography by Arthur W. Booker IV

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.