FAIRFAX: Boswell Pop-Up at Tried & True Co. and Apt 4B Grand Opening (Nov 13)

After the Diamond Womens launch on Fairfax, we ran into Tried & True Co. co-founder, Ricky Li, and accompanied him to the shop to view the debut of their latest pop-up installment with Boswell. We greeted rapper and producer Hit-Boy, who was checking out the latest pieces offered by Waraire Boswell at the pop-up. 

A few shops down, Crystal Robles of Tried & True Co. walked us over to the grand opening of Apt. 4B's storefront (located at 517 N Fairfax Ave.) with a unique pseudo graffiti-covered brick wall and apartment door entrance to the inside of the shop. Inside, we were welcomed to a carefully constructed living room dwelling, complete with a couch, rug, coffee tables and kitchen area to coincide with the merchandise available for purchase. 

Last stop of the night: obligatory trip to Canter's Deli. Fin.

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.