424 Releases SS16 "Americanism" Collection at WildStyle LA



Denim, Budweiser and Marlboro? It doesn't get any more American than that! Last Friday WildStyleLA hosted the launch of 424's SS16 collection titled 'Americanism.' The highly anticipated collection features a range of premium denim pieces distressed in light and dark washes. Neutrals in camel, denim and black continue to be the strong color palette in this movement while key separates like crewneck sweatshirts with 424's powerful 'We're Here to Help' graphic prints, tees with iconic American 'X' flags, and a denim zip hoodie were on display. 

The man of the hour, donned in an all black ensemble with his signature locks and Ray Bans, blended in the crowd amongst his friends and peers and it was truly amazing to see all of the love and support this humble man received. The top creatives and influencers, along with loyal customers, came to show their support for Guillermo Andrade, owner of 424 Fairfax, repping their 424 armbands and rubbing elbows with fashionable young things including Gilvenivici, Kyle J. Pak, Kai Lumieres, Kevin Moon, Allen Park, Jan Young Duckits, Shane Gonzalez, Tom Hirota and Sita Abellan.

Photography and Text by Angella Choe

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Angella Choe Contributing Photographer and Writer at SUSPEND Magazine.