SUSPEND: Best of 2015


The concept of time has always been mystifying and appears to be more fleeting simply when looking back at a length of it gone by. In 2015,  we released ISSUE 05 with Hayley Kiyoko. That was fantastic in itself and a feat we never would have imagined at SUSPEND. It's only fitting that we highlight our other top favorite collaborations, features, and events for our very first "Best Of" in retrospect for 2015 including Stephen Malbon's adorable sons for an editorial with Roubleau; a video by Kayla Reefer of Kanye West at FYF Festival this past August; music collective Soulection continuing its growing influence with a free event in Downtown Los Angeles; a chance to photograph and style the Hip-Hop trio Warm Brew for their music video; having SUSPEND stocked at rooted streetwear brand The Hundreds on Fairfax Ave.; evoking that everyday L.A. style with Carmelita Mae; and our favorite writer. Remy Ramirez, digs up a past relationship while writing a not-so-fictional anecdotal piece involving a former flame and an evolving relationship with junk food. 

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.