TOUR DIARY: "REEFER ON THE ROAD" My On-Tour Experience with Talib Kweli across the U.S.

I wake up and find myself on a large bus. The first few seconds are not too coherent… I slowly gather myself, wipe the tired from my eyes and finally indulge in what is now the reality of my life. 

I am on tour with Talib Kweli.

  Talib Kweli performing in Wyoming. Photo: Kayla Reefer.

Talib Kweli performing in Wyoming. Photo: Kayla Reefer.

A legend of Hip-Hop, 1/2 of Blackstar, an artist that my older brothers grew up listening to. I can distinctly remember certain drives on the way to school where my brothers would play Talib's music. The thing is I didn't fully understand it, I was younger, naive, and clueless so how could I possibly comprehend the knowledge he was giving me through the speakers. How could I know that the lyrics to Knowledge Of Self (Determination) and Brown Skin Lady would one day directly apply to my existence.  

Now I get it though; now I understand and it is the best feeling in the world to have that sort of clarity. 

For the next month I will be traveling the United States visiting 5-6 cities per week. Something I have always wanted to do but honestly never thought I would actually accomplish. Before I close my eyes each night I still find it hard to believe that I am at this position in life. It is incredibly surreal, life-changing and quite frankly almost unbelievable. 

  On Tour with Talib Kweli, Wyoming. Photo: Kayla Reefer.

On Tour with Talib Kweli, Wyoming. Photo: Kayla Reefer.

I have come to the realization that one really can speak things into existence; whether that be a life long goal, or a short term accomplishment. However, you must act upon your words in order to truly bring your dreams into fruition. That is what I have done so far, and that is what I will continue to do. 

I invite you to join me along this journey. I hope that through the content I provide, you feel as though you are right there with me.

Kayla Reefer

Photographer / Cinematographer