How the world has come to be, I will never understand. Even with all these biological studies that have been tossed at me left to right, day and night, I will always believe that life is still as simple as it was 4.54 billion years ago. Sometimes we just fail to see the simplicity of life. It took me 18 years to realize this simple fact. And it was that 18th year, when I settled in Seattle.

This has been the most important decision I have made yet. Something that I never even saw myself doing. I left the most precious family, the most beautiful friends, and the most perfect gent back home. But it was this impulsive move that has made me who I am today. Cliché? Yes. But it’s true. And though sometimes I have those certain doubts swimming in the back of my mind, I’ve finally realized that regret isn’t one of those things.

It was a new start, a way to see the world in a different color. So throughout this piece, I have collected a series of images that I have seen over the past three years living in Seattle. The things that we never seem to really notice. The vibrant colors that seem to radiate at us, even when it’s constantly raining. The noises that seem to bustle around us. The people that seem to crawl by us. Mathematically, they only equal to one thing: simplicity.
Sometimes walking around campus feels as if I’m walking into a forest. Rain or shine there’s always this distinct color theme floating around. Everyday feels different. Everyday looks different. But that’s what makes walking around campus that much more mystic.
No matter what time, day, weather, or season it seems to be, Downtown Seattle has never failed to bring color, light, and life to my eyes. You witness the most interesting people strolling by, singing, talking, or smoking. My problems seem to dance away with all this hustle and bustle around the city. And I don’t mind it. I really don’t. It’s basically music to my ears.
I guess you can say over the past few years, I have created a home for myself. That impulsive decision that I have made never ceases to amaze me. I call myself brave for that. Though every impulsive nerve of me misses home, Seattle is also my home. This is the place where I have found myself, understood who I want to be, and who I want the world and myself to see me as. That’s kind of the beauty in life. You seem to fly away for a bit to disappear and allow yourself to grow, only to realize that it only takes a new environment to let you realize that. Well, for me at least.
Tiffany Chuang Tiffany Chuang is a contributing photographer at SUSPEND Magazine, currently based in Seattle.