BEHIND-THE-SCENES: On the Set of "STRANGERS" Music Video with Blaison Maven

DIANE: Who directed this video and what is the concept behind it? BLAISON: "The director of the Video is Henry DeMaio. I was a fan of the visuals he did for 7 Days of Funk (with Snoop Dogg and Dam-Funk) and my Homie Ben and him share mutual friends. The concept is about a good thing going bad..Sometimes we don't pay attention to the little things that can cause a drift in a relationship. I mean It's a real song, something I actually went through. The structure were standing on represents what we built. And as It breaks not only do we fall but we fall apart, literally. So I reached out and explained the concept to him and he was down."

Who is the leading lady starring alongside you in the video? "The beautiful leading lady in the video is my friend Tori who I've known for a while now. Very beautiful and talented individual, One of my favorite people to work with thus far..I love working with her because she's very open to different ideas. She's actually a Dope ass DJ who's really doing her thing right now. She could've turned me down if she wanted but shes a very humble and down to earth person."

What was the process like working on a video set like this for "Strangers"? "The process of working on set is professional, fun, and straight forward. Jokes here and there with the homies of course..If there's some adjustments or changes that needs to be made to make something work, then it has to be done. "

How many days was production? "The production in filming the video was one day. I don't like 3 or 2 day shoots, I feel like It drags the process. If we can finish it in a day no matter how many hours it takes I'm about it. Unless something comes up and it's no way around it, I like to complete all my visuals in a day."

Did you have room to provide your own direction and feedback throughout the making of the video? "I'm very specific about how I want things to look as does the director. Before the video is shot, we share ideas and find middle ground and then we execute. I am hands on with everything but the art of collaborating is beautiful, because I can come up with an idea and Henry (the director). being as experienced as he is. can come in and take it to the next level. When you work with people that can bring something valuable to the table they add stuff you didn't think of, which ultimately enhances the original idea."

After your experience making this video for "Strangers," what can we expect in the future from you? "A new project. A few more videos. And The Kings Prelude EP. It's finished.  It's coming soon."

"Strangers" lyrics by Blaison Maven:

Nothings been the same ever since this started. The love was alive now dearly departed. Your mind said dont leave your heart unguarded. And still you drift to the feeling thats calling. From the beginning of giving women the feeling of chills and butterflies Dont last when it all reveals. And everything falls down you thought was real. Before it ends for them you'd probably kill. Now you going through the constant nonsense of this guilt on your conscious and your nauseous. The course you ran is exhausted, wondering how you lost it. Now your drunk texting in the middle of the night. Every other day it'd be a fight. She left and you couldn't make it right, now you want her back in your life. Missed calls all on the Skype. Whenever she's alone are you ever on her mind. You was always there, but never on time. Held it together when you weren't even trying. Early in the morning waiting by the phone crying. All she ever wanted was for you to give a damn, even if you didn't give a dime. Love is blind.

Photography by Kayla Reefer for SUSPEND Magazine

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.