A Spring Editorial from the Life of Ms. Mita Mae - Ph. by Jonathan Tate


Mita Mae is someone I've seen repeatedly on Fairfax but never formally met until just a few weeks ago at the first inaugural SPITSET thrown by The Hundreds in Los Angeles. Her style is the epitome of summer-cool and above all, effortless. It's natural, it's not too planned, and it's just fuckin' rad. Sharing an equal disdain for form-fitting clothing, I was excited when the following photographs by Jonathan Tate of Mita came through my inbox. The following is a series of curated outfits just in time for Spring 2015 and while this may be the first time we've introduced Mita Mae to our readers, this surely won't be the last. Catch Mita Mae on Tumblr and at the RSWD x Hundreds flagship store at 7909 Rosewood Avenue in Los Angeles.


THE HAT: Yoooo this cap is too legit. I could not find the right white cap to get in the scheme of my all white 'fit and Bricks & Wood nailed it! Bricks & Wood is a new culture brand started by the homie Kacey Lynch. He's really killing shit with his photography, check 'cuz out!

THE CROP TOP: So by now you can tell I love crop tops as my choice of tops. This is a Divinities x Tried & True collab tee that was given to me at the pop-up shop Chris Divinities had a little while ago. It's a men's large and I didn't want to give it away so (duh) I cropped it! They're a killer brand that's on the rise and I got to support the real deal out here.

THE OVERALLS: Shiiiitt I've been wearing overalls the last three years and I thought about retiring them until I saw these bad boys! Rose gold accents on the buckles too so I know I'm killing it. (hahaha) They are so damn soft too it's crazy. I forgot where I got these from but that's okay 'cuz I'm all about the rarities...

THE SHOES: These are another The Hundreds collab that we did with Reebok. Could not be more stoked that it was a Pump because they remind me of being a kid. The green nubuck suede is awesome and compliments the pink accents and gum soles, oh so well. Since I was in the all white 'fit I knew these were the, "oh shit," factor to really show out one time.

MY YO-YO: I really use this yo-yo it's not a prop or a hype deal. I took my ass to Toy's 'R Us and bought a 2 for 1 Duncan pack. Along with a jump rope that day. I'm a kid still and I love myself for that.


THE HEADBAND: Growing up my mom, sister and I would always wear these and I'm bringing 'em back!!! It's a cute way to push your hair back when you're on the go or just want the casual pop to your 'fit. The most little things in outfits can add a whole lot.

THE JACKET: Death Row Records x The Hundreds collab was KILLER. Obviously super sick. The white already speaks for itself as does the big Death Row hit on the back. West Coast rap is what I grew up on so it fits in more than one way. The length is great for a men's jacket too. I would wear it everyday if I could but I love too many clothes.

THE CROP TOP: This one is my favorite in my crop top collection. I actually stole my little brother's worn out Forever 21 v-neck and cropped it 'cuz I had nothing to wear that day. I cut some small holes in random spots too for the sake of subtle detail. It's a casual and comfortable piece I can match with almost anything.

THE PANTS: aka MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE PANTS I OWN. They have great pocket space (duh) and just sit on my hips so well that I don't need a belt. I HATE TIGHT-FITTING CLOTHES and these touch on my skin like a blanket over a newborn- hug but don't suffocate. I think these are H&M too. You'll see me in these more often times than none.


THE BUTTON-UP: This cotton poplin bad boy is from the The Hundreds Spring '15 line. I love the intricate, crazy design. I call it my "Fear And Loathing," button-up 'cuz I feel and think I wear it much like Raoul from the novel. (For the ladies)  you can wear it without a bra and it feels great on your skin! The material is so free flowing how can you not?

MY PANTS: These are men's pantalones from The Hundreds as well. Didn't have to alter these because they have a drawstring waist and the length is just my taste. They sit a top my sk8-hi's perfectly.

MY WATCH: It's a chep watch from Daiso Japan. Cost me a buck fifty and I wear it everyday 'cuz I hate looking at my phone for the time and date.


THE BUTTON-UP: This, "blue camo," piece is from Public Label. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, men's clothing. It has both the quality and appeal I'm always looking for. The cotton-chambray is made to last/wear which is great because I'm always on the go. Comfort and durability are important to me.

MY PANTS: These bad boys are from Gap. A beaten in khaki so they are super soft and comfy. THEY HAVE POCKETS!!! (When I'm not wearing men's pants) I can only wear pants with pocket space. It is so hard for me to find a good pair of women's pants these days! I also love the white stripe on the sides; gives it the pop without the glitz and glam. Easy to dress up or down too. Since I mix men's and women's pieces so much versatility in my 'fits are a must.

CROP TOP: This was a gift from a friend who owns the rarewear company eTc Tacoma. The, "TOWN," is Tacoma in which the brand roots itself and their brick & mortar store. I love its fit. The scoop neck is a great look. It also has cap sleeves which is super cute to compliment the neckline. Again, I'm a crop top fanatic and this one fits in my top 3 for sure. Comfort, quality and cuteness! (P.S eTc make more women's clothes, please!)


THE SUNGLASSES: My sunglasses are from Crap Eyewear. They did a collab with Those Folks for these ones. Pretty rad eyewear company out of Venice, California. I lost the same ones once and had to get another pair because they're that awesome. I love the purple tint and round frames. I wear them every single day pretty much.

THE TOP: The white crop top is from H&M, I think? And it's actually pretty good quality. Has a low v-cut in the back and fits like a glove. I'm really not into tight fitting clothes but it's only a crop top so hey it's cute! I'm a HUGE fan of crop tops.

THE JERSEY: This was actually accuired from my ex-boyfriend who bought it from a Goodwill. Sucks I had to take it from him but oh well. It's a vintage Cross Colours jersey that is just crazy rad. It's from an era that impacted a lot of my music choices today. Any time I wear it, it sparks some real deal conversations and that's always epic; evoking emotions through clothing is something beautiful to me.

THE SHOES: I always wear sk8-hi's. My all-time favorite shoe. Especially when they get all fucked up. Clean Van's are a strange look to me.

THE SOCKS: These are from The Hundreds. Socks can really make or break my 'fit 'cuz I cuff my pants. They are the flare I need when I'm in a white tee or cute top.

Photography by Jonathan Tate

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.