TO ROSEWOOD, WITH LOVE: What It Means Having ISSUE 05 at The Hundreds Flagship Los Angeles Store

I first heard about The Hundreds flagship store on Rosewood Ave. in Los Angeles through Arthur Walter Booker IV, the creative director behind the first Tried & True Co. campaign I photographed with Devon Drakkar, Umi Wagoner, Tenille Chambers, and Daisy "Stacey Hash" Espana back in 2012. He told me that he had a few friends on "the block" (as Fairfax would commonly be referred to) that he wanted me to meet for the magazine. Since Arthur worked at Flight Club, I would usually meet up with him after work from Venice and come ready with my camera in-hand (because I took it with me everywhere). One afternoon Arthur had me walk around with him to the different shops on Fairfax including the famed Rosewood flagship store - no larger than maybe 20 feet wide back then with a distinct all-black look from the outside. The other side of the store was an empty lot with  wheat-pasted flyers plastered over the wooden boards to block it off. I encountered our early artists we featured for SUSPEND this way including Alexander Spit whom Arthur had me spontaneously photograph while he was working his shift at The Hundreds in 2012. Fifteen or so frames later, I would go home and edit those photos and eventually would photograph Spit again at a different location close by to place him on the cover of ISSUE 02 (digital edition). This would start a repetitious pattern where I would meet Arthur and, by chance always, would photograph other regulars from the block including Dom Kennedy, Spaghetto, Josh from CLSC, and so on. I generally would have no idea who I was photographing, and all I would have to go off of was one sentence from Arthur as to who and why I should feature them. But sure enough, I started picking up on what Arthur had been telling me and I slowly started to formulate my own research and knowledge of this small group of Fairfax artists that I would then interview. These early features from 2012 and on, which still live online in our archive, became the cornerstone and foundation for the identity of SUSPEND. The following are photographs I've taken of different artists and individuals specifically on Rosewood Ave. where The Hundreds flagship store is located, and where ISSUE 05 is now available in-store for purchase.

Hopefully from seeing these photos, the scope of how fucking awesome it is to now have ISSUE 05 available in the very store that started it all for us, will make sense. Without Rosewood, there would be no SUSPEND.


Alexander Spit, March 2012 on Rosewood Ave.


Dom Kennedy, May 2012 on Rosewood Ave.


Hopa and Tony, May 2012 on Rosewood Ave.


Ugo Mozie & Daver Campbell, August 2012 on Rosewood Ave. photographed for ISSUE 03.


Rica Wade, August 2012 on Rosewood Ave. photographed for ISSUE 03.


Stacey Hash, November 2012 on Rosewood Ave. photographed for the cover of ISSUE 03.


Ann-Marie Hoang, March 2013 on Rosewood Ave. photographed for ISSUE 04.

All photography by Diane Abapo. Follow Diane on Instagram at @dianeabapo.


Purchase ISSUE 05* at The Hundreds Los Angeles flagship store located at:

(310) 807-1754

11AM – 7PM


Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.