Jewelry Designer Frank Wilder Talks 3D Printing for Latest 'Eagle' Collection with Ugo Mozie

I recently had a chance to re-visit Frank Wilder's latest Eagle Jewelry Collection in collaboration with Ugo Mozie. He discusses how they met via social media and the importance of Culture:

Frank, I know this is cliche to ask but you're such a mysterious character. How long have you been making jewelry? Taking it back further to when you were growing up, what are key pieces of jewelry you've owned that hold a lot of meaning to you?The only piece that matters to me is the WOLF. I’ve been sculpting since I was seven.”

Where are you based out of? A brief case full of rings.”

Has this always been your passion and at what point in  your life did you decide that you wanted to make a career out of this? “It’s my current career. I plan on sculpting, designing and making art forever, in what form is the real question. I never had one career direction, I was able to start selling rings so here I am.”

I'm not a master of jewelry myself but why is 3D printing and lost wax casting such an out of the box way of creating jewelry? What makes it different? "It’s a very old meets new technique, I can sculpt something from my computer, then have it 3D printed and casted in a metal foundry. I’m a big believer in taking aspects of the future and of the past to meet in the middle being this point and time."

Who are your muses and what message do you want to convey with this particular collaboration with Ugo? "My muse is culture. This collection was created as a representation of Ugo. Ugo means eagle. My term of choice would be bold, he may tell you something else though. That's the beauty of art, we all draw different things and make different associations to it."

On your website it talks about you being directly messaged on a social platform by Ugo. Is that true? "TRU, he messaged me when I had like 50 followers, he keeps his ear to the street."

What are your feelings about the internet and its impact on your jewelry? "Civilizations and cultures progress past others by utilizing tools; the internet is the world's largest and strongest tool. I’ve sold to over 20 countries in less than a year."

It's a smart and creative concept to collaborate with celebrity stylist, Ugo Mozie. What factors drew you both together to create such a bold and meaningful jewelry collection? "I sent him the WOLF so he saw the connection to the animals. It just happened to be aligned with the collection he wanted to create. I was in Bali and he hit me up like, 'Yo I have an idea for this collection.' We designed it in less than a month on opposite sides of the globe."

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