Our friend and animated rapper AmirSaysNothing releases his music video directed by Irving Hillman for "Blue Collar Priest" off his five-track debut EP, Medium Rare.

How did you come up with the concept for "Blue Collar Priest"? "'Blue Collar Priest' is like my little alias: I'm the working class rapper and I've seen a bunch of videos on Fairfax/RSWD, and it's always kind of the same idea that I've seen. Everyone from random guys to even YG/Drake, kinda "stuntin' on Fairfax" idea, and I felt that it is a little oversaturated because of that. As someone who has worked [on Fairfax] it is a part of my life "story" now. I'm big on trying to do things that are true to me and who I am (without fabricating) and telling a story that is unique – not your typical rap video was kind of the mission here – so I figured what better way to do that than to visually tell that story from that point of view of someone who works there; the 'Fairfax people don't see'."

How was it working with Irving Hillman and how did you two meet? "Irving had left RVCA by the time I started so we never got to be "co-workers" but we were both alumni. He would pop in and say what's up and in early june I saw him in Downtown Culver City. Around that time, I was tossing video ideas around and he happened to mention filming one, so I felt like it was the universe [that brought us together]. And here we are. Tha'ts my man though; we both are like those silly humorous type dudes, so working together is fun, you know?"

Why Fairfax? "Well besides the fact that it has its cultural relevance nowadays, it's just where I've worked for the past few years. It has been a part of my growth to being the person and artist I am today, so it's just like a rapper showing his old house in his videos, like 'this is where I worked.'"

What's the message behind "Blue Collar Priest"? "'Blue Collar Priest' is the intro song to Medium Rare. It's the 'Hey, I'm here and this is why I record," so it's just that – the working class rappers' manifesto – 'here's inside my mind, my thoughts, and where I am trying to go with this'...and by doing so maybe [I can] help someone else feel like they want make their own manifesto in any form of life. 'The world is yours.'"


Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.