NIPS AND PIECES: DimePiece L.A. Eat-Me-Out (EMO) Collection Launch Party at The Standard Hotel

Los Angeles-based womenswear brand DimePiece (est. in 2007) debuted its E-M-O (Eat-Me-Out) collection this past Thursday (July 16) on the rooftop of The Standard Hotel. Brand owners Laura Fama and Ashley Jones celebrated their latest release at the Downtown hotspot amongst friends including model Shaun Ross, sisters Aimee and Dani Song, Sami Miro, stylist Ann-Marie Hoang, and DimePiece’s latest campaign model Rubina Dyan (LA Models). Buzzfeed cinematographer Curly Velasquez interviewed noted guests in the pop-up merchandise space with DimePiece’s latest products on display – coupled with 3D life-size fries inspired by the collection’s play on the Cali-iconic In-N-Out Burger chain.  The collection’s title “Eat Me Out” is a tongue-in-cheek feminist reference and a staple for the brand.

Shop DimePiece LA’s E-M-O pieces including kimonos, jerseys and mesh basketball shorts here.

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.