NIPS & PIECES: SOULECTION Performs All Ages Outdoor Show at FIGat7th with Esta, SoSuperSam, Joe Kay and more

Yesterday (July 24th) I went out to Downtown L.A. to catch my first ever Soulection show. To keep it short, I was blown away. 

Soulection line up for the night included Co-Founder Andre Power, JoeKay with guest performance by Jay Prince, Sosupersam, SPZRKT, and to close out the phenomenal show BeatsByESTA who also brought out WHOKR. It was a night filled with great vibes, spectacular music and was an all around reminder of how awesome it is to live and create in Los Angeles. Major thanks to the Soulection crew for kicking my weekend off just right! 

Photography by Kayla Reefer

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Kayla Reefer

Photographer / Cinematographer