SUSPEND Covers the First Ever EXPERIENC-EXPERIMENT "Beach Day" with Influencers and Brands

SUSPEND partnered with Arnelle Lozada (whom you may recognize from our Style Artisan series), the pioneer and mastermind behind ExperiencExperiment for its first ever "Beach Day" event on July 19 at Newport Beach. Lozada, who also maintains ThisBeautifuLife, partnered brands whose products align with the curated summer-filled beach activity day she put together, matching social media "influencers" with respective audiences alongside sponsored brands. It was nice to see familiar faces including Stacey Hash, our SUSPEND Magazine ISSUE 03 covergirl. 

The INFLUENCERS who took part in this inaugural event included: @jessicalesaca@marycake@jesstheebesttcolor@ellenvlora@staceyhashh@santinihoudini@wickedtides@jayveelondon, and @feralcreature

The SPONSORED BRANDS for the beach and RV outing included: L’Space (swimwear), Urban Decay (spf, cosmetics), Pendleton (beach towels), Crap (sunglasses), Faryl Robin (sandals), The Brauhaus (coffee refreshments), Epic Seed (mid-day snack), L.A. RV Rental (transportation), Wayward Captain (boat rental), Ninjas With Appetite (late lunch, early dinner), and Catch Cases (branded phone cases).

We started off in our L.A. RV Rental at Marina Del Rey and caffeinated ourselves with Bauhaus iced coffee and Epicseed yogurt before driving to Newport Beach. From there, the group boarded a quaint Wayward Captain vessel where we cruised around Newport's marina area and perused docked boats including Google's multi-million dollar yacht. After the boating round, the influencers headed back to the RV (complete with several boxes of cheese and pepperoni pizza) and karaoke'd their lungs out to a 90's playlist of pop tune/boyband jams on the drive home. 

Photography by Diane Abapo

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.