I didn't get home until 4AM this morning (August 23rd). It wasn't at all intentional believe me. I had planned to vacate the festival as soon as possible via Lyft however my friend graciously offered me a ride home and I accepted... BUT HERE'S THE KICKER!!! My dear sweet boisterous friend lost her car keys whilst going ham at the festival. So there we were, nearly 2AM sitting curbside in South Central Los Angeles. I know what you're probably thinking "Well why didn't you just take a Lyft home like you had originally planned? 'MY F*CKING PHONE DIED'. Plus, what kind of friend would I be had I left her there by herself waiting on AAA for a locksmith to make her a new key... So yeah, I didn't get home until 4AM. 

Funny way to begin a festival post I know, but I had to address the fact that I'm currently running on 5 hours of sleep, with lower back pain, and extremely sore shoulders. Aside from what happened at the end of the night it was an extremely long day. Am I getting old or am I just not built like the gladiator I once perceived myself to be? Needless to say, the first day of FYF (Fuck Yeah Fest) kicked my ass.

This was my very first time covering any sort of festival with official press/media access (for which I am very thankful) so I'm going to stop b*tching and start talking about FYF...

It was fun :)

Artists I covered for the day were Tennis, Melody's Echo Chamber, Kaytranada, Run the Jewels, Shlomo, Chet Faker, Bloc Party, Kanye West, and Purity Ring.

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Kayla Reefer

Photographer / Cinematographer