DTLA: Sav Noir Holds Model Casting for Its Upcoming FW15 October Presentation


With my 35mm lens in-hand, I observed today's model casting (still in session as I type this) at Los Angeled-based Sav Noir's showroom in Downtown. Located in the heart of the Fashion District, Edwin Haynes and his partner Allison as well as Roman Sipes held an open model casting call to find new faces for their upcoming October A/W15 debut. In between models, I chatted with Haynes who mentioned he was more drawn to an individual's confidence, persona, and energy rather than typical good looks and symmetrical features. Hayes would turn to me in excitement channeled through his eyes and raised eyebrows whenever a would-be-chosen model walked through the door. With a simple setup consisting of a table, three chairs, and an open showroom – better known as The Lazarus Experience – Roman would bring in the potential models one by one from the main holding room. Sav Noir, founded by Hayes a little over five years ago, will be debuting its FW15 collection next month in October. 

View candid moments backstage before the Sav Noir A/W15 collection debut here.

All photography by Diane Abapo

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.