TheNBTWN: HOT AS HELLZ (in Suburbia)


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"This has to be the quickest photoshoot that I’ve ever done but, it’s totally one of my favorites. The HLZBLZ team was nice enough to lace me up with some goodies over the weekend because we’re doing something special with Suspend Mag. I’m wearing a tank with their logo and I love the fact that they did something different and put mesh insets on the sides. My bottoms are from Top Shop and they’re vegan leather dolphin shorts. Paired together it’s a total sporty look which is dope and I’ll let you guess which Spice Girl I’m trying to channel. My sunglasses are from Nasty Gal and my shoes are obviously creepers. I swung a vintage denim Levi’s jacket on – Don’t ask me why, I just did!"

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Leslie Corpuz Leslie is the Fashion Editor at SUSPEND Magazine.