Theophilus Martins releases 'Good / Posture' Debut Collection at DOPE Fairfax

It was a tremendously chill night out over at DOPE Fairfax for the Good / Posture Debut Capsule Collection presented by Rhode Island native rapper, DJ, and model – Theophilus Martins. Last night (September 26) DOPE hosted the inaugural ceremony for the first ever look at Good / Posture. Martin's first capsule collection "Finchley Road" features an array of tees, a custom sewn wool coat, a combat inspired pilot jacket, corduroy fitted caps and your choice of white or navy totes to carry your belongings in good postural style. 

Spotted at the event were fellow SUSPEND featured artists Amirsaysnothing, Blaison Maven, photographer Kacey Lynch and revered designer and fellow Fairfax patriot Anwar Carrots.

As the night progressed more good vibes filled the room. Everyone came out in full support of Theophilus and really took a liking to his new brand. Even one of the color ways of the POSTURE hats sold out, of which I was able to cop the last one. The stitching is impeccable, the corduroy material is comfortably soft and the actual fit of the hat is damn near perfect. With designs like these and the top notch crafting to match GOOD / POSTURE will be around for a very long time. 

All photography by Kayla Reefer

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Kayla Reefer

Photographer / Cinematographer