BEHIND THE SCENES: On-set with David Gallardo Directing "Bullshit" with Daye Jack

A few weeks ago, I tagged along with SUSPEND Fashion Editor Leslie Corpuz as she styled Daye Jack for his latest music video, “Bullshit”. We arrived at the YouTube Space LA in Marina Del Rey with Leslie’s looks for Daye and the leading female cast in the video. While on set, I did my best to stay out of director David Gallardo’s way, but was mesmerized by how fast-paced and efficient him and his DP, and assistants were. (They constructed several different set-ups that day, one pertaining to a V-shaped light setup of some sort and a third with a stack of TV’s, which Daye would later sit on top of for the end scene.) With the video out now, I got a chance to touch base with David regarding his two-year friendship and working relationship with Daye so far. 


David, how did the concept for “Bullshit” come about? 

DAVID: “I pitched the idea to Daye. With Daye I’ve gone the artsy route (“Save My Soul”), I’ve done the comedy route (“Finish Line”), and the no-budget indie route (“Summer Day”). With “Bullshit” I wanted Daye to have a classic Hip-hop video but on our own terms. Nothing corny, nothing trying too hard, just classic, clean, and cool. The idea was to show that Daye, like the lyrics in the song say, can go “toe to toe with the cool guys” if he wanted to. Having worked together for two years, and seen him perform every night while on tour together, I’ve seen him grow as a performer. With “Bullshit” I did my best to create a video that highlights that growth and attitude.”     


How did you two initially meet?

DAVID: “The wonderful Erika Kelly [Daye’s manager] introduced us two years ago. She pitched him to me to possibly direct one of his first videos (“Summer Day”) and after hearing that song I immediately jumped on board. We officially met the first day of the shoot, which we shot at my parent’s house in Mid-City. I put him through the wringer. Got him to act, perform, and suffer for his art, haha.”


David, what’s the biggest obstacle you encounter when directing a music video?

DAVID: “The biggest obstacle is usually getting all the right pieces together to actually make the video happen. Since music videos work at a much faster pace than any other type of production, there is no luxury of time. Everything needs to be dialed in when you arrive on set and everyone has to be on the same page. Things can change on the fly (lose a location, casting issues, crew change, etc) and you HAVE to think quickly with putting out a “fire” before stepping foot on set.”


What has been the most surreal experience thus far working together?

DAVID: “Honestly, this one was an interesting experience: While I was on tour, (I was shooting) with Daye who was opening for Lukas Graham back in April to May. One of our stops was Nashville, Tennessee. Not knowing the kind of crowd we would get (seeing as the Lukas Graham audience was vastly different than the usual Hip-hop crowd), all of us [Daye’s team] weren’t really sure what to expect. Turns out Nashville was one of the most receptive and best crowds Daye had on that run. He got a lot of love and a lot old school Hip-hop fans in the crowd were floored by his set. We were stunned, relieved, and pretty stoked about just how well he was received.”


  Behind the scenes, "Bullshit" music video. / Photo © Diane Abapo for SUSPEND Magazine

Behind the scenes, "Bullshit" music video. / Photo © Diane Abapo for SUSPEND Magazine

Daye, what do want people to take away after listening and watching the video for “Bullshit”?

DAYE: "The song "Bullshit" is about being fully you and not letting the bullshit of the world try to change who you are. It's about the youth being unique, being misunderstood, and seeing the power that comes with that. Like a fuck-you to the system, and to the closed-minded bullies of the world. I want people to listen to the song and watch the video and know that they never have to try to fit in, they can truly be themselves."


Behind the scenes photography by Diane Abapo

Official video directed by David Gallardo

Produced by Erika Kelly / Ammo MGMT

All styling by Leslie Corpuz

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.