Bryce Anthony Returns from PFW – Discusses Proper Atelier

DIANE: Hi Bryce! So glad I’m glad I’m able to catch you right after your trip to Paris for Fashion Week. You always look so well put-together ever since we first worked together with Rica Wade for ISSUE 05. What’s your secret to looking so good?

BRYCE: Aww, thank you! Paris was amazing! I had so much fun doing the Snapchat diary for SUSPEND this time. The shows were great; the street style was even better! I literally can’t wait to go back. I would say my secret to looking good would have to be good genes for sure! Lots and lots of water, and lots of sleep! (Even though I feel like I never get enough.) Oh yeah, and coconut oil. Duh! As far as wardrobe, I am actually one of the laziest people on earth when I wake up. I am not a morning person at all, so when I roll out of bed I'm reaching the the easiest, most functional, non fussy but still stylish outfit which is usually a vintage cut off tee, ripped black denim and a good pair of shoes. My faves at the moment are my black Marc Jacobs Ninja sneakers. I feel like I'm bouncing on the moon when I wear them! 

DIANE: Tell us a little about your upcoming clothing project, Proper Atelier. How did you first come up with idea? "Well, it kind of just happened naturally. I actually went to design school after high school for a bit and then dropped out because I hated it. I've always been a hands-on visual learner so, for me, the "real world" work experience outweighed the books and quickly took over my life, haha. Before I knew it opportunities just starting presenting themselves left and right and it eventually got to a point where I said, fuck school! I just wanted to keep hustling. I also hated the whole process of sketching, drafting, all that shit, but I knew I had the ideas and vision, which is kind of how I found myself involved more in the styling aspect of fashion. 

With that said, Proper Atelier basically started as an idea (like everything does) for myself. I'm obsessed with vintage rock tees and after years of obsessing and endless thrifting, I decided to put my own take on one of my favorite things. That’s how the World Tour Tee came about. I feel like t-shirts are universal and a good intro to Proper Atelier as we move into more specialty merch. So I kind of see it as a way to still express myself without driving myself crazy. 

Sad Boys Club was inspired by “Sad Girl,” the song by Lana Del Rey. I love the tone of the track, the part where she sings, “I’m a sad girl, a sad girl, a bad girl”. I just think that people need to be more open minded about depression in general. Especially in the black community. Mental illness is real. Depression is real. There are conversations that need to be had and not just shunned or dismissed by going to church or taking pills. More people should embrace being sad. It’s an emotion and we all experience it at some point. It’s okay to be a sad boy or sad girl. We’re human. That’s why I love Lana. She gets it. I guess everything comes full circle, ya know? But yeah, I'm just at the point where I just want to create moments and dope shit. And if people like it and fuck with it then they can buy it. Simple as that. I'm not trying to create or be another “cool” “trendy” “brand” or no shit like that. For me, it's just self expression. This is the first thing that I’ve felt proud of in a long time. It feels good to be doing things on my own terms; no one telling me what they like and don’t like. It’s all me. If I fail or succeed, it’s all on me and that feels good. I don't care if I sell five shirts or 5,000 shirts. It's if the right five people that feel it, and can relate, then I'm happy."

 Bryce Anthony photographed by Diane Abapo for SUSPEND Magazine.

Bryce Anthony photographed by Diane Abapo for SUSPEND Magazine.

DIANE: What are your musical influences? "My musical taste is pretty vast: I love everyone from Lana to Playboy Carti. The Weeknd of course. He’s like my one of my all time faves. His music has inspired a lot. Most of the music I listen to is really dark and moody – I like sad shit. But I'm down for a turn up as well. Music is so important to me, if I wasn't working in fashion, I for sure would be doing something music industry related I feel like. Most of my friends are musicians and/or in the industry as well."

DIANE: Top three fashion industry experts you look up to. "The 'industry' is superficial in my opinion so I wouldn’t say that I really look up to anyone. I do have lots of respect for certain individuals. There’s, like, legendary status like Grace Coddington, Carine Roitfeld, Edward Enninful, to name a few off top. Rick Owens is a legend. Hedi Slimane is one of my faves for sure. His love for the city of L.A. makes me happy. I also love what Demna Gvasalia is doing right now. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. Yeah."

DIANE:  Favorite New York go-to spots? "Oh man, there are way too many. Bowery Hotel, La Colombe, Chilo’s, Habana Outpost, VFiles, Alexander Wang, Opening Ceremony, Laduree, Bedford Hall. Shout out Bedford Hall, the best honey chipotle wings on this earth, bro!"

DIANE: What do you use to hold all your everyday items? "This black patent leather clutch designed by this amazing artist Claw (@clawmoney). I love it. It's literally shaped like a claw. It's actually a case for a GPen from a collab they did a few years ago, but it's totally functional. I also literally just bought the coolest faux leather backpack from Citadium in Paris last week, it's my new fave."

Interview and Photography by Diane Abapo

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.