DJ SPOTLIGHT: King Marie, Resident DJ at The Lash in DTLA

There has been an influx of artists migrating from Chicago to Los Angeles lately and DJ Christine “King” Marie is not an exception. (She lived in New York City in-between Chicago and her new home in Los Angeles.) We met King Marie at The Association in Downtown and heard through a mutual friend that she also is one of the featured resident DJs at “Age Sex Location” hosted by Chuck Inglish at The Lash

DIANE: Hi Christine! Thanks so much for meeting with me at my studio in Downtown. How long have you been living in Los Angeles and how are you adjusting to L.A. so far?

KING MARIE: Thanks for having me Diane! I've been in Los Angeles since August 2015. It's definitely a transition from New York City but I'm really enjoying it so far. The weather and the weed don't hurt either.

I first heard about you from our ISSUE 06 featured artist, Louis De Guzman. What’s the Art/Creative scene like in Chicago? 

Louis is the homie! The Art, Music, Creative scene in Chicago is so inspiring. I feel like it's all low-key intertwined. Everybody is so skillful at their craft and recognizes each other for it. If you're any type of creative in Chicago, chances are you know all the other creatives as well.”

How did you come up with the name King Marie?

“As a singer I was going by my government name, Christine Marie. But when I started DJing, I wanted a name that was more fitting. I've been a tom-boy my whole life but I love being a woman. We're such powerful creatures. A woman can be a king, too, so I wanted to be the king of all queens. ”

You currently are one of the resident DJs every Wednesday night for Sounds Like Fun’s “Age Sex Location” at The Lash in Downtown Los Angeles. How did that come about? (We first met Chuck Inglish back for ISSUE 04 when he DJ’d the release party.)

“Me and Chuck go way back. I bumped into him when I first moved to LA and he asked me to hop on the weekly and it's been lit since.”

What are your current Top 5 tracks in rotation right now?

“This week: Kendrick Lamar - "Untitled 07"; Larry June - "Joog One Time"; Alexandria - "Last Thing"; Lotso x Odie - "Señorita"; Majid Jordan - "Every Step Every Way."

What’s the one thing you miss the most about Chicago?

“Aside from my family and friends, I miss the food for sure. Pequod’s [Pizza] deep dish, Big Star tacos, Harold's, and jibaritos. I can never be away too long though. I'm home every couple months so I never really feel like I left.”

Where do you feel most SUSPEND-ed?

“I feel most SUSPEND-ed in water. Preferably the ocean of course but I meditate in the shower every morning. It's important for me to center myself for the day and have that time alone with my thoughts.”


Interview and photography by Diane Abapo

Follow King Marie on Instagram at @djkingmarie

Styling by Amanda Loren of 3to4Apparel


Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.