FAIRFAX: RIPNDIP Pop-Up Comes to an End on Fairfax (April 1)

The much talked about RIP N DIP pop-up next to Supreme on Fairfax closed its doors on Friday (April 1) and will be heading to New York City next. Occupying the Known Gallery space, the alien-and-cat adorned pop-up was set up more like an interactive exhibit with a large Salvador-Dali inspired take on Dali's Persistence of Memory welcoming you as you walk in on the left, followed by a row of skate decks on display, and a large cat figure glass table in the center. Walking past the merchandise is a Mother Mary-esque statue holding the RIP N DIP white cat in her arms with a mechanically timed middle finger that flicks off the viewer every couple of seconds in timed intervals. The roped off sitting alien, stack of TVs featuring cartoon alien porn, and a few other takes of famous art scenes line the rest of the interactive pop-up exhibit for the Florida-based skateboard brand owned by Ryan O'Connor. Artist Jayme Lemperle, better known as 'Stale Bagel,'originated the white cat and alien illustrations commonly seen on RIP N DIP products. Popular items included an upside down Falling For Nermal pocket tee with the RIP N DIP cat as well as the Nermal Banana pin.

Photography by Diane Abapo

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.