New Zealand: Soraya Unveils "The Juice" Remix Series with PMoney

How did you go about working on these remixes with PMoney? 

"Pete (Pedro Dinero) and I have been friends for years, even before I moved to L.A to go to music school. He has really been a huge supporter of my music and development as a producer and engineer. Pedro kind of paved the way for DJs and producers in New Zealand, so obviously I have a huge respect for him and his work. I went back to NZ for a vacation (winter in the States is summer in NZ) to chase the good weather and as usual I linked with Pete in the studio and we were really just playing around. P and l had heard the Jodeci acapella and really wanted to try and work on extending our interpretations of that because we both love 90's R&B and Hip-hop."


Was it something you two talked about for a while? 

"Actually, we made "Freek n You" a year before we even finished the rest of them. (I think because it was one track and we just didn't know how to fit it into the projects we were both individually working on.) So we decided to make a series – and we plan to bring on other collaborators in the future."

  Photo: Samuel Montgomery

Photo: Samuel Montgomery

For those of us that have slim to zero knowledge of music production, what is the creative/technical process like producing tracks like "Freek N You", "Intergalactic", "No Scrubs"? Does one of you start off with a rough draft and send it over to the other for additional editing? 

"With music everybody's process is different. Thats the beauty in all of the different sounds we hear but ill say for this project we started straight up with acapellas. I had been bumping that Intergalactic acapella for a minute, just knowing it could be re- freshed for a whole new generation who haven't had a chance to experience the beastie boys in full effect. We really wanted to pay homage to great artists and writers while also keeping the vibe of a banger we could drop on any dancefloor around the world today."


How often do you go back to NZ? Does being fluid between NZ and LA help your musical creativity? 

"I try to get back to New Zealand once a year. I have traveled my whole life; my mother is Persian so I have been to a lot of Eastern countries like Iran, India – even Afghanistan – and my dad is from Alabama so that's a whole new world. I honestly believe going back to New Zealand does help with my music creativity because New Zealand is such a pure, clean and young country. It helps me switch off from my life in Hollywood. There is something very real about NZ and the people. They are some of the realest and most accepting out there, so you cant just look like something – you have to actually be it. Hollywood is another animal; it's competitive and it's what has pushed me to be a little tougher. I believe L.A. keeps me on my toes and always wanting to mirror my peers and to produce the best music and to put on the best shows I can. There are so many talented and inspirational people around me every moment and sometimes getting away is really what helps you to appreciate that."

  Photo: Samuel Montgomery

Photo: Samuel Montgomery

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.