NIPS & PIECES: FriendsOnly™ Holds First Polaroid Exhibit "Time Flies" by Obi O.

Obi O. holds his first polaroid exhibition as part of the FriendsOnly™ coalition at Hot Rod in Los Angeles on May 21. The "Time Flies" exhibit boasts the tagline, "No Edits, 1 take, all raw." And at a place in time where digital shutter clicks fly faster than ever, the poignant one-shot polaroids by Obi O. featuring portraits of some of your favorite rappers (Chuck Inglish, Alexander Spit, Asher Roth, Azizi Gibson, Warm Brew to name a few) – one shot is often times all it takes. 

Photography by Christy J. Kim

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.