Olivia Stuck for SUSPEND Magazine – Ph. by Diane Abapo / Styling Hannah Song

  Olivia Stuck for SUSPEND Magazine photographed by Diane Abapo;    Tried & True Co.  silk 'Gumby' jacket

Olivia Stuck for SUSPEND Magazine photographed by Diane Abapo; Tried & True Co. silk 'Gumby' jacket

DIANE: Hi Olivia! It was lovely spending time with you last week. What are you most excited about for this summer? 

OLIVIA STUCK: Hey!!! I loved it – We had so much fun. I'm looking forward to getting back to work and enjoying the sun a bit more, for sure. 


Any travel plans coming up?

“No, unfortunately. I start work in two weeks, but I'm definitely going to NYC as soon as I can.”


What are you working on next after this upcoming season of ‘Kirby Buckets’?

“I won't know for a few more months, but I'm dying to do a film.”


We were talking about going karaoke singing with you. What top three songs would you bust out?

“Hahaha yes!! Any Rihanna or Adele song. Or any Guns N Roses song…”


You mentioned you are also a fan of Ozzy Osbourne and Steven Tyler. What type of music influenced you growing up and are you currently in the process of making music to share later this year?

“I listened to a lot of The Beatles, Queen, and Fleetwood Mac and yes I am! I'm pretty pumped about it, but can’t share too much about it yet!”


What are some essentials you carry with you at all times?

“Hand sanitizer, deodorant, food, and a good book.”


Last dream you can remember?

“My dreams are so odd. I saw a watermelon come to life and he started attacking a village of small ants as if it were in a Tim burton movie! Very weird, I know.”


Last book or magazine you read?

Bluets by Maggie Nelson. (Read it! It's great.)


Where do you feel most SUSPEND-ed?

“When I'm on vacation.”


Photography by Diane Abapo

Styling by Hannah Song

Assistant Christy J. Kim

Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.