Up Close with Weathervane's Emily Rae Rose for SUSPEND Magazine

Featuring Emily Rae Rose, Social Media Manager and Visual Merchandiser at Santa Monica's Weathervane boutique in Los Angeles.

DIANE: Hi Emily! How would you describe your style?

EMILY: My style is really eclectic. I’m inspired by different periods in history particularly the 60’s and the 90’s, art (!!!), music, nature. Everyday I’m sporting some different combination of all of those things. Essentially, my style is definitely playful, edgy (depending on my mood) and a little Hip-Hop for sure. Lately, I’ve been into combining masculine and feminine elements into my wardrobe. One day i’ll wear baggy men’s jeans with ballet flats and a white tee. Another day I’ll wear a silk Prada dress with some sneakers…you get the picture.


What brand(s) do you have your eye on now? 

"Comme des Garçons, Undercover, and Vetements."


What’s the ratio of heels to sneakers in your closet?

"98% of my shoe collection consists of sneakers. I own about two pairs of heels." 

What’s a typical day like for you?

"I wake up at 8 AM everyday without an alarm. My body has gotten accustomed to waking up early since I have a full time job now. I don’t have time to sleep in! I take my dog Roo out for a stroll around my neighborhood-it’s a lovely way to start my morning. Then I get ready for work in under 15 minutes. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take me very long to dress myself. My best outfits are never too thought out. 

While I’m at work I’m constantly updating and planning posts for Weathervane’s social media profiles. I like to leave the store to find cool spots to take photos of my coworker who models our new product. Sometimes I model but I’ve been interested in staying behind the camera lately. I also go on Tumblr to find inspiration for any upcoming shoots. 

When I’m not glued to my phone or computer, a few of my clients will come in for a clothing fix. I’ll style them for an event they need to go to, or just for everyday life. I get to style some pretty cool ladies. 

I also do the visual merchandising for the store. I just did a display with a lot sea shells and flowers. It was pretty rad. 

When I have downtime at the shop I work on my own website I just started, emilyraerose.com. I’ll write drafts for posts, keep the content current..it’s hard work! 

After I close the store, I head straight to kickboxing. I love working out after a long day at work! It keeps me sane. 

I end my day with a hot shower, a big salad, and a book."

Where’s home for you? 

"Santa Monica, California! Born and raised!"


What’s the best homemade remedy or beauty tip you’ve acquired?

"Sweat. Drink a lot of water. Eat your veggies." 


Your current fragrance?

"I cycle through a lot of fragrances. Depending on my mood I’ll wear something different. When I go to work I’ll just wear some rose and lavender essential oil. When I hit the town, I’ll put on Mod Noir by Marc Jacobs." 


Top three things you need in your satchel/bag?

"1. My credit card. I always have to be prepared to indulge in fresh kicks; 2. Burt’s Bees Mint Chapstick; 3. My Moleskine Planner/Journal."


Last book or magazine you read?

"I always like to thumb through Harper’s Baazar and Women’s Wear Daily.  I’m currently reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It’s changing my life. Everyone should read it! 


Most prized possession in your closet?

"I have a leather motorcycle jacket that’s been in my family for over 25 years. It’s so beautiful. I’ve never seen any leather jacket quite like it. And it looks amazing with anything!"


Doing any summer traveling?

"I’m going to New York City!"


Do you collect anything?

"Anything that’s Hello Kitty. Oh, and shoes. I think I have around 50 pairs. And I’m always looking for more."


What’s the best part about living on the Westside of LA?

"Seeing and smelling the ocean everyday. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else." 


How long have you been kickboxing for?

"About seven months now! It’s the best workout ever. I have abs now!"


Lastly, where do you feel most SUSPEND-ed (ie. lost track of time, etc)

"When I’m shooting, making art, writing…whenever I’m creating something, I feel SUSPEND-ED."  


Follow Emily on Instagram at @emilyraerose

Photography by Diane Abapo

Styling by Emily Rae Rose + Katie Ann Row

Additional assistance by Hannah Song + Christy J. Kim



Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.