MODEL CITIZEN: Featuring Veronica Zoppolo at LA Models

Veronica Zoppolo at L.A. Models stopped by the studio looking fresh-faced as ever with her go-to navy satchel bag she picked up from a shop in SoHo, New York (she's currently bi-coastal). We chit-chatted in between outfits to find out more about her new life in Los Angeles, her family (hailing from Uruguay) en route to visit her for her birthday, and an acting workshop she's currently enrolled in.

DIANE: Hi Veronica! It was so nice meeting you! What are you most excited about this summer, especially now that you will be spending more time in Los Angeles?

VERONICA: "I'm glad I got to meet you both too! I've come many times to L.A. for work, but always through direct bookings. I'm excited to be based here for the first time this summer. Los Angeles is a great city and there is so much talent here! I like the lifestyle in California and I've been very lucky to meet such inspiring people that have certainly triggered me to build a second base here on the West Coast." 

How long have you been modeling for? 

"I was discovered when I was 15 years old in Uruguay. I was invited to participate in the Elite Model Look scouting competition and that's how I started modeling. While I was still in high school I traveled to Milano during my summer holidays and once I turned 18 and graduated I moved to Paris to work full time there as well as in London."


What part of Uruguay are you from? When did you first move to NY? What do you miss the most about living in Uruguay?

"I am from Montevideo, the capital. I moved to New York when I was 20 and the thing I miss most about Uruguay is no doubt my family and friends. Also the culture of drinking "mate", which is a warm type of green tea, out of a metal straw, and "la sobremesa" – the long conversations around the table after a meal. It's the small things you cherish most when you live far away." 

You mentioned taking a class on method acting as part of an intensive workshop. What are some of your favorite films and actors to watch?

"Method acting was something that I was quite curious to experience. Acting has opened so many new doors for me and tapping into memory lane has brought me special discoveries. Acting gives me more permission to feel and explore my emotions. It's a beautiful thing; our entire body is memory. 

It's hard to pick favorites. I realize I love watching films inspired by true stories.  “The Danish Girl” sure blew my mind. Eddie Redmayne is amazing. Recenty I watched at Nitehawk, an independent small cinema in Williamsburg I adore, “Sign Street” and I really enjoyed it! You should all watch it!"


You also mentioned learning how to convey and express so much emotion through eyes. How has modeling helped your transition to acting?

"They say they're the window to the soul, huh? I like to play different characters when I am modeling, try to put myself in the client's shoes and deliver what they would like to see. Modeling has helped me feel loose on set. To be around cameras and the film crew is a very comfortable environment for me."

What are some essential items you carry with you at all times? What are a few things we’ll always find in your bag?

"My CC, lip balm, hand sanitizer, travel size perfume bottle of the magic potion (Black Orchid by Tom Ford). Perhaps an eye lash curler, sunnies, some headphones and you'll always find me carrying around an extra battery for my phone. (I typically forget to charge it at night so I'll need to bring backup!)" 


Can you tell us about the bracelet you wore to the shoot and the meaning behind the word you chose?

"The bracelet was a gift from the founder of MyIntent. It's a great project that is a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive energy. I chose to engrave “Om Namo” on my bracelet inspired by the Kundalini mantra that means, “trust the teacher within”. We should all learn to listen a bit more to ourselves and follow our inner instincts." 


Last dream you can remember?

"Road tripping with my family in California! And this dream is now my reality!" 


Where do you feel most SUSPEND-ed (ie. at peace, lose track of time, etc.)?

"...When I get to watch a sunset. Light is everything. It’s such a unique moment where you can just be, always makes me feel so grateful. The end of a start, the start of an end." 


Photography by Diane Abapo

Styling by Hannah Song

Follow Veronica on Instagram at @verozoppolo


Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.