Will Azcona Captures Warm Brew's Private BBQ for 'Diagnosis' EP Release

ISSUE 06 cover photographer Will Azcona was in attendance at the private Santa Monica residence for a BBQ held and in honor of Warm Brew's release of their 'Diagnosis' EP by Red Bull Records (July 15). Serk, one-third of Warm Brew, manned the grill alongside his grandpa (donning the group's namesake). Manu Li and Ray of Warm Brew also mingled with guests; Racella, whose featured track on 'Diagnosis' titled "Hallelujah" made an appearance as well as Hugh Augustine (featured on "No Time" with Sir). Warm Brew is gearing up for their headlining concert on August 6 at The Roxy.

'Diagnosis' is available to purchase now on iTunes here

Photography by Will Azcona



Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.