Jevon Doe's "Story of My Life" – Moving to Los Angeles with a Backpack and $500

At 6’2, Houston native and recording artist Jevon Doe is a strikingly tall figure. I met him with bandages on several of his fingers, which he quickly took off when it came time to shoot. As a photographer, we always try to find something to break the ice when first meeting a subject but with Jevon, there was already a sense of familiarity. There wasn't a tinge of nervousness after a few clicks from my camera's shutter. And his eyes, his eyes told me he has a story to tell.
At 25, the Atlantic Records artist has been living in Los Angeles for two years now. He released his mixtape, 'Story of My Life', this past June with featured tracks from Ty Dolla $ign, Buddy, and Bun B. 


DIANE: Hi Jevon. It was a breath of fresh air having you at the studio the other day. Do you go back home to Houston frequently?

JEVON I haven't been back to Houston in a while but I plan on going back soon. I miss my city always.  


How did you get started with Music? What role did Music play for you growing up?

I got started around 12 or 13 making songs with my homie who used to visit for the summer. Around 14, my pops bought me some recording equipment to record myself. Growing up I was always kind of to myself and I didn't really express myself to a lot of people so I would record myself and make songs about how I was feeling and what I was dealing with mentally. But it was so fun and I couldn't stop! 

You’ve stated: “You have to have a mentality like a gladiator and fight. No excuses. You can make your path happen.” What has been one of the most difficult hardships you’ve encountered and how did you surpass it? 

Probably my journey to Los Angeles for the first time. I came out here on a limb with a backpack and $500 – no family, no friends, and very few connects. That was an extremely difficult time in my life. I knew it was going to be tough out here, but waking up every morning in Los Angeles with the sun and the beaches…It's kind of hard to give up.

During our shoot, I asked you who took the photo of you in front of the car for your 'Story of My Life' mixtape artwork, and you mentioned it was your sister. Are you two close? Does she listen to your music and give you feedback? 

Yeah, me and my little sister are really close nowadays. She definitely listens to my music more so now. She runs Track for Baylor University in Texas so she has her teammates and classmates on my music now.


Let’s talk about the track “Don’t Worry” off of 'Story of My Life.' You mention ‘not having a place to sleep tonight’ and ‘got nothin’ to eat tonight’. Are you drawing from personal experiences in this track? 

Yeah, that track was basically during a time I was out here in Los Angeles with nothing but a record deal on the line. I had a car and that was about it. And I wasn't working because I was staying in the studio everyday trying to make this project… So I had to make a record for me to listen to so I could battle and get through that time. 

What are you currently working on that you can tell us about?

I'm currently working on a second project that I plan on releasing later this year. 


A question we ask everyone that we get to know at SUSPEND: Where do you feel most SUSPEND-ed (ie. at ease, lose track of time, happiest, etc…)?

That's a very interesting question… I would have to say when I'm in the booth and the lights are low, my eyes are closed, and I'm just rapping and envisioning everything I'm dealing with. It's a pretty suspended feeling. It takes me away from life for a second and takes control over me. I blackout. 

 Jevon Doe photographed by © Diane Abapo for SUSPEND Magazine. Styling by Hannah Song.   Tried & True Co.   vintage Dr. Dre

Jevon Doe photographed by © Diane Abapo for SUSPEND Magazine. Styling by Hannah Song. Tried & True Co. vintage Dr. Dre

Photography Diane Abapo

Styling Hannah Song

Wardrobe by Tried & True Co. and Elwood

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.