Thinking Outside of the Box with Boxxquiat – Ph. by Diane Abapo

  Boxxquiat in Los Angeles. / Photo © Diane Abapo for SUSPEND Magazine

Boxxquiat in Los Angeles. / Photo © Diane Abapo for SUSPEND Magazine

SUSPEND: Hey Boxxquiat! How did you get your nickname? How long have you been living in Los Angeles?

BOXXQUIAT: I got the name Boxxquiat because my nickname has always been Boxx and I fused it with the end of Jean Michel Basquiat's name to create Boxxquiat, but you can just call me Boxx, haha.  I've been living in L.A. for a year now!



SUSPEND: What was it like growing up in Queens, NY? What do you miss about Queens and what do you enjoy more about living in Los Angeles?

BOXXQUIAT: Growing up in Queens, NY was pretty tight. I lived in a few places actually. I'm originally from the Bronx, moved to Queens when I was around four or five and lived most of my life there up until 10th grade when I moved to Long Island where I finished high school at. I do miss my family and friends In New York but L.A. is a new and fun journey – I’m loving every bit of it.



SUSPEND: We talked about it briefly but you’ve been at Pink Dolphin on Fairfax for over a year now. For those who aren’t familiar with the block, what’s the atmosphere like on Fairfax?

BOXXQUIAT: The Fairfax atmosphere is amazing from the skaters to the fashion consumers, tourists, locals, influencers, and everyone in between. It makes for a good mix and chill vibe. Everyone on the block is pretty chill and friendly. I definitely feel a sort of togetherness with the cats on the block. Even though everyone's different and may have different swag and taste, it's nothing but love there. Good vibes.



SUSPEND: I love that you embrace the color pink and utilize subtle pink items from your wardrobe into your outfits. What are some of your favorite pink items that you own?

BOXXQUIAT: Thanks, I appreciate that I love pink. I’ve been Dipset since 6th grade, haha. Some of my fave pink items are my pink Gucci durag, my pink Ice Cream Drippin tee, my cotton candy Bapes. Oh yeah, and I'm working on the all pink grill! Everything pink…s/o Killa Cam.



SUSPEND: I saw your recent cameo in Hayley Kiyoko’s music video for “Gravel to Tempo”. You two initially met at our ISSUE 05 release party which she was the covergirl for. What was it like being on-set? 

BOXXQUIAT: Thanks, Yeah that was so fuckin’ tight. Shoutout to Hayley Kiyoko. I have a lot of love for that girl. Her vibe is something truly special. She's so down to earth and she's really an amazing artist. And yeah, we met at your event which was actually one of my first events I attended here in L.A. (That event was fuckin’ lit by the way.) It was before I got the opportunity with Pink Dolphin. As for being on-set it was chill and dope seeing her direct the video. She killed it. We had a lot of down ime and even more snacks.



SUSPEND: Where’s your go-to food spot in Los Angeles? (By the way, I’m totally hitting up Twins Sliders the next time I’m in Hollywood…)

BOXXQUIAT: Okay, I have a few: The Griddle Cafe for breakfast; Wi Jammin [Carribean Restaurant] for a nice lunch, and I love Hot & Juicy Crawfish!! Yeah Twins Sliders was definitely lit today but we have to go to one of these places next time!



SUSPEND: Three of your favorite things in your closet?

BOXXQUIAT: My Robot Raf Simons Adidas, my vintage BBC jacket which I bleached, and my Pink Dolphin mink coat, haha.



SUSPEND: What are some things about you that not many people know?

BOXXQUIAT: One thing a lot of people don't know about me is that I was a partial owner to a clothing company called Royal Kulture with my two boys. That business got a Teen Vogue feature and that's how I got to L.A. the second time, which lead to me meeting my dudes over at Pink Dolphin and deciding to work with them. The first time I was out here I was doing some styling and creative direction for my home NEAKO of LVLYSL, formerly of Taylor Gang. The first time I went to Pink Dolphin was with him, ended up getting some clothes and taking a picture at the store and was later found on Instagram by Marilyn Hue who worked for Pink Dolphin at the time. That's how I got my first photoshoot with them. Oh yeah, I was also the owner of "1Shot,” which was a hat company I ran for about six months. I closed deals in Tokyo, all of IG feel me. Yung Nigga Shit, basically what I'm saying is I BEEEN PUTTIN IN WORK, haha.



  Boxxquiat in Los Angeles. / Photo © Diane Abapo for SUSPEND Magazine

Boxxquiat in Los Angeles. / Photo © Diane Abapo for SUSPEND Magazine

SUSPEND: You have a very unique look, which is only heightened by your pink (for now) dreads. In this day and age where a lot of young consumers quickly gravitate towards purchasing “hype” gear, how important is it to you to maintain one’s individuality? 

BOXXQUIAT: It's super important to be you and maintain your individuality in this day and time because majority of people either aren't or can't do so. So if you’re one of the few that can, you have to take advantage of that. Like you said, I'm not with the "hype" and that because I'd rather create my own hype. Just be yourself and do what you feel is right. Like take Lil B for example, I don't really fuck with his music but I love the fact that he's him and that he does his thing regardless of what people have to say about it. We're similar in that way. 



SUSPEND: What’s next for Boxxquiat?

BOXXQUIAT: Man, what's next for Yung Boxx! Haha, a lot. A lot of more work with Pink Dolphin including events. We actually have something next week on September 30th at the shop on Fairfax. I can't give too much info yet but it's going to be dope. A lot more learning, a lot more success. I also will be releasing music by the end of this year. You heard it hear first. S/O Suspend Magazine, that's a Fam Ting.



  Boxxquiat in Los Angeles. / Photo © Diane Abapo for SUSPEND Magazine

Boxxquiat in Los Angeles. / Photo © Diane Abapo for SUSPEND Magazine

SUSPEND: Where do you feel most SUSPEND-ed?

BOXXQUIAT: I don't know if it's really a specific place, it's more about the feeling to me. I could feel it anywhere in the world. It's the feeling of balance and being happy with everything around you. It's rare but when it happens it's amazing. I don't know if I answered that right but yeeeeeah.



SUSPEND: Last question – How was that Puma x Pink Dolphin yacht party last night in Marina Del Rey?

BOXXQUIAT: Bruhhhh the party was a soooo litttt. I want to give a special S/O all my OG's from PD: Cena, Neima, Colt , Jimmy Sweatpants and the rest of the squad. They for sure put on one for the ages. Best function I've been too in L.A. for sure! S/O Pink Dolphin & S/O Puma, "It Was A Big Film,” as my guys would say! 

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.