51st State Festival Returns To London's Trent Park This Weekend (Aug 6)

  Photograph © 51st State Festival

Photograph © 51st State Festival

After debuting last year to a packed and energetic audience, 51st State Festival has come back around this year again to demonstrate the bridge between America, UK and Caribbean house music isn’t as big as many people think.


With performances from Soul II Soul, Mr Vegas, Artful Dodger and Johnny Negro, 51st State Festival is definitely one that will have everyone on their feet inside the Trent Park North London location. From Garage to Soul as well as Funk to Dancehall, 51st State Festival is something that you definitely will not want to miss out on and if you cannot get there, SUSPEND has you covered documenting the whole day for your viewing pleasures!


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Timothy Ogu

Timothy is a UK Contributing Photographer and Writer at SUSPEND Magazine