Staff photographer Kenny Vu readily turned his lens on event goers at last Thursday's "Cultures of L.A." presented by SUSPEND Magazine at The Creator's Corner. Past capacity, guests packed the adidas Melrose shop to listen to the live panel discussion with SUSPEND Editor-in-Chief Diane Abapo and host Thurz. Jeron Ward, adidas Melrose retail manager and co-founder of The Creator's Corner discussed how the "Cultures of L.A." zine came about (to which Diane applauded adidas Melrose's very own Maya Patterson for the idea's inception last year).

Each of the three contributors – Angella Choe, Taylor Michael, and Maya herself – were each brought up onstage to discuss his or her zine contribution in the form of an exclusive, unique editorial cast by the contributors themselves and photographed in various neighborhoods within Los Angeles. The theme overall showcased the diverse cultures of Los Angeles, with Taylor Michael choosing to shoot against the iconic turquoise backdrop of L.A. Burger as well as areas where he grew up on Pico Blvd. and La Brea. Maya Patterson chose a porch for Brandon Stanciell to photograph their models against in View Park, as well as Delicious Vinyl Pizza in West Adams. Diane collaborated with Angella Choe to shoot near her late grandmother's house on 29th and Harvard near USC. Models from each respective section were also brought onstage.

Official adidas coverage found here as well as event coverage from our friends at Unrated.

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Photography by Kenny Vu

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