Patta Set to Release Limited Edition Jersey alongside 'Rap N Glorie' ft. Kempi & Alchemist

Amsterdam-based Patta partners with music label Top Notch to present the 'Rap N Glorie' collaborative project with Dutch rapper Kempi and American producer, Alchemist. Patta utilized the pair, connecting Dutch language goals with Alchemist-produced beats to create an international sound. Last Spring, Kempi and Alchemist linked together in a recording studio to create the music that formulates the four-track EP, ‘Rap N Glorie.’ 

To commemorate the release, Patta designed special football jerseys in two colors, featuring a checkerboard base in white/red/navy or black/grey. The back of the jersey features Kempi’s and Alchemist’s names and number 16, signifying the year release date. The ‘Rap N Glorie’ 12” vinyl EP contains the four original tracks and only comes with the purchase of a limited edition jersey and will not be sold separately with a release date of Saturday April 2.

Photography Vincent van de Waal

Model Tirino Yspol

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Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.