Five (Or Six) Jameson Gingers In: Watching Rihanna Live

Rihanna has always been on my bucket-list of performers to see live and she was truly nothing short of amazing as she packed The Forum in Inglewood last night. Her Los Angeles leg of her Anti World Tour opened with “Stay” followed by “Woo” and “Sex With Me,” which saw her walk onto a levitating platform that brought her from the middle of the arena to the front stage. Several Jameson and ginger drinks in (and perhaps a little nug corner of an edible later), I decided to stash away my mini Canon DSLR into my backpack, zipped it up, and refused to take anymore photos than the ones below to get an entirely enlightened experience watching Rihanna glisten onstage. (Props to Rihanna’s set dresser or whoever decided to make the stage a complete mushroom of trippy illustrious visuals for her Tame Impala-covered “Same Ol’ Mistakes” performance. It felt like I was at high at home watching the iTunes visualizer on my Macbook but in person.) So fucking good, Rih Rih. Work, work, work.

Special thanks to Megan Corpuz


Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.