SEBAS Releases "Sleep Paralysis" Video Dir. by Richard Ma

 Courtesy of © Sebas. 

Courtesy of © Sebas. 

Recent UCLA graduates Sebas and director Richard Ma collaborated together for the music producer's official video off his forthcoming EP, Analogies, for "Sleep Paralysis". 

On his inspiration behind "Sleep Paralysis"...

"The title of my EP is Analogies; metaphor is the motif of the project, with the surface idea of each song being a stand-in for some other meaning. Sleep Paralysis was actually written as a song about depression: you're awake but stuck while the world passes by before your eyes, but your deepest fears/concerns are really non-realities manufactured in your head."

On the process behind producing the track while on winter break and him rapping...

"The whole song was written over the course of several months, but most of the creation happened within a few weeks. I put together the instrumental over the winter holidays, and spent a week or two recently trying to get the lyrics right. I tend to rotate through projects as I fall in and out of love with them, so it's usually a long time before anything is ever really complete. That is me rapping on it! Every song on this EP is end-to-end written, produced, mixed, performed by Sebas."

On coming up with the video concept for "Sleep Paralysis"...

"Rich and I spent an entire evening walking around Westwood trying to come up with a premise for the video. A friend had gifted me a black morph-suit mask, which inspired us to play with identity and role reversal, but nothing we came up with felt right. We were about to call it a night when something really stuck: we churned out the whole storyboard in a stairwell in about half an hour.

With the video, we were aiming for something narratively coherent but thematically abstract. We've heard so many different interpretations from friends at this point ("Is it about hipster culture and band-wagoning?"; "Is it about identity in the digital age?"; "Is it about self-antagonism?") that by now, Rich and I have completely forgotten what we intended to say with the video. And I think that's really the point of Analogies: to highlight how the relationships between entities can always be reinterpreted in a way that is personally meaningful."


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Video directed by Richard Ma



Diane Abapo Founder and Editor-in-Chief at SUSPEND Magazine.